Arab Region Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Guide (Daleel)

As the technical arm for Energy Department of the league of Arab states, RCREEE has been contributing to the development and production of Arab Region Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Guide (Daleel). This includes help in data collection, review, design and printing.

Daleel is a comprehensive directory that contains all information on renewable energy and energy efficiency in Arab countries. It presents the latest statistics, policies, adopted strategic plans, institutional and regulatory frameworks, field experts, and financial incentives from the Arab countries. Daleel is a bi-annual product. RCREEE has supported the production of three editions since 2011.

Daleel is a key- publication that helps:

  • Arab states with consistent and reliable information in their preparation of sustainable energy action and plans
  • Investors and international institutions find reliable sustainable energy information on Arab states.

Project Phase

Work Area

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Daleel 2015 seeks to draw a detailed picture of the current profile of the renewable energy sector,...
Jul 2016 Reports and Studies Arabic
This version of the guide comes to monitor developments in the Arab region at the level of policies, legislations, plans and projects for...
Apr 2014 Reports and Studies Arabic