RCREEE joins “Promoting Urban Nexus in the MENA Region” workshop

October 20, 2019- Cairo, Egypt: RCREEE  participated at “Promoting Urban Nexus in the MENA Region” workshop organized at Cairo Water Week 2019.

As a panelist, Dr. Maged K. Mahmoud shed the light on how regional initiatives paved the way for sustainable energy actions of strong relations to water and food securities on both national and local levels. In his intervention, Dr. Maged showed examples of a number of RCREEE activities in the region to support Arab countries in their sustainable energy transition.

The workshop came under the framework of the activities of the Nexus Regional Dialogue (NRD) in the MENA region on Urban Nexus. It was organized by GiZ in collaboration with the League of Arab States (LAS); the partner of the NRD-MENA, based on the expressed interest of the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.