Public Consultation Session for 500 MW Wind Project in Ras Ghareb

24 February 2020: Aiming to raise the awareness of the community regarding the new 500MW Wind project in Ras Ghareb, RCREEE team participates at the a public consultation session presenting the project’s Environmental and Social Impact Assessment SESA.

The workshop organized by ECO Consult and EcoConServ introduced the 500 MW project to the community representatives. Following the presentation of the private sector consortium on behalf of Toyota Tsusho Corporation TTC), Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (EEH), ENGIE Energy Services S.A. (ENGIE) and Orascom Construction S.A.E (OC) and in the presence of representatives from NREA, EETC and EEHC, attendees discussed the results of the recently developed SESA.  

Notably, RCREEE signed a framework agreement with Dr. Khaled El Degwy, as the authorized representative of the consortium for RCREEE to act on behalf of the Consortium in developing, managing, and implementing the Site-Specific Environmental and Social Impact Assessment SESA and Program of Ornithological Monitoring.