Mediterranean Investment Facility-supports Egypt's quest-reducing buildings consumption needs

December 11, 2019- Cairo, Egypt: As the national programme coordinator, RCREEE hosts the first stakeholders consultation meeting of Mediterranean Investment Facility (MIF) in Egypt aiming to scale up clean energy technologies and incentives in the Egyptian market.MIF is a joint initiative under the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea (IMELS) and coordinated by UNEP. As the local coordinator, RCREEE will support the design, implementation and monitoring of legislative ordinances aiming to reduce building cooling needs in close coordination with Ministry of Housing in Egypt, UN Environment and Politecnico di Milano – Department of Energy (PoliMi) project teams.

The kick-off workshop brought together representatives from local construction companies and private sector developers , Housing and Building National Research center, Egypt Green Building Council and local universities in addition to the project partners teams.

The workshop welcome notes by the General Manager of Ministry of Housing, Ms. Hanan Arafat, UNEP project coordinator Ms Hannane Ghita and Politecnico di Milano representative Mr. Rossano Scoccia assured the importance of the project in light of Egypt’s fast accelerating cooling demand fuelled by rising population and a real estate sector growing at 15% per year.

RCREEE will be involved in designing a financing to incentivize the adoption of the ordinances for the reduction of the cool needs in cooperation with local banks. This will further support Egypt’s residential BEEC goal to reduce electricity consumed for cooling new homes by 20% while improving levels of heat comfort in non-air-conditioned homes. In other words the program can be help enforce the building codes that is a real gap in the Egyptian market.

RCREEE will implement a number of the projects activities including selection of a pilot building for the implementation of the developed ordinance. Accordingly, a field visit to buildings selected for pilot project is planned to take place on December 12, 2019 in Hurghada.

In addition, RCREEE has previously disseminated a call for private developers to express their interest in obtaining technical support for applying the developed ordinance on buildings (residential or tertiary) at the preliminary design stage.

RCREEE invites private developers, technology providers, and other interested parties to contact us if they like to be a part of this initiative.

For technical contacts:

Mahmoud Bououd

Senior Sustainable Energy Specialist

For media contacts:

Yasmeen Oraby

Senior Operations Specialist