Djibouti validates 2015-2035 energy conservation strategy

Djibouti-On 15th of June 2015, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in collaboration with the Djiboutian Agency for energy conservation organized a workshop presenting the energy strategy 2015-2035. 

The attendees included number of officials representing various ministries and national institutions in addition to the international organizations like UNDP, AFD. RCREEE, represented by Mrs Amel Bida, was invited to the workshop where she gave an opening speech.

Characterized with limited availability of national resources and fully energy dependency, Djibouti has a huge potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency, especially in the building sector where the electricity consumption accounts currently for more than 90%, dominated mainly by the air conditioning (around 70% in the administration sector and 80% in the hospitals).

The global objective of the strategy is to put Djibouti on the track of low carbon development through reducing by 2035, 17% of the primary energy consumption and 35% of the electricity consumption as well as decreasing 20% of the primary energy intensity. This objective will be achieved using three (3) main axis, namely the energy efficiency in the construction sector, the energy performance of electrical appliances and the efficient lighting.