Advanced Training on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Course

December 2019- Cairo, Egypt: Aiming to strengthen the environmental capacities of the EETC environmental team, RCREEE conducted an advanced training course on 14-18 December 2019 on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of renewable energy projects.

During the course, RCREEE team in cooperation with Green Plus covered a number of topics including:

  1. Introduction to Environmental Aspects Basis
  2. Introduction to the national and international regulations and legislations
  3. Introduction to ESIA and EIAs categories
  4. Structure of ESIA Report
  5. Complementary studies for ESIA
  6. Case studies for EIA of transmission line
  7. Introduction to the required social studies according to the international requirements.
  8. Preparation of the ToRs and /or RFP

The training course came under the umbra of the pioneering Active Turbine Management Program (ATMP), which seeks the protection of migratory birds and increase of the electrical productivity of wind power stations. This comes in answer to the studies that have shown the possibility of significant and influential impacts of wind turbines on migratory birds. The Gulf of Suez is located on one of the important routs of migratory birds. The project also contributes to the implementation of Egypt's international decisions in line with the Paris Climate agreement.