Unlocking Arab Region Sustainable Energy Data: A webinar on TaqaWay™ Knowledge Portal

TaqaWay™ is the first Arab based information portal that streamlines renewable energy and energy efficiency data combining visual statistics, information on Arab countries’ market capabilities, institutions, projects, stakeholders, and policies on one online portal.

TaqaWay™ sustainable energy knowledge portal is a joint collaborative initiative between the League of Arab States (LAS) and the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE).

In user friendly interactive portal, TaqaWay™ avails tools for data analysis and benchmarking Arab countries’ readiness and market capabilities in renewable energy and energy efficiency. It also showcases projects, initiatives, field experts, energy prices, and other field-relevant information.

Join our upcoming webinar on September 28th, 2020  at 12:00 CLT (check your local time) to get a scoop introduction on TaqaWay tools and features and to navigate through TaqaWay™ rich portal creating customized reports and charts.

The webinar welcomes a diverse group of strongly skilled experts from RCREEE, League of Arab States – Energy Department and GIZ . Our esteemed speakers will navigate TaqaWay ™ users through

  • Sustainable Energy latest updates based on Daleel 2019 edition and AFEX 2019 RE report 
  • The “Data explorer”tool which contains detailed information on renewable energy projects in Arab countries.
  • The “Chart Creator” tool that enables all users to Create customized reports on sustainable energy in the Arab region
  • Regional renewable energy projects in the Arab region
  • The training courses available for researches and experts in sustainable energy domains
  • TaqaWay ™ Network platform with courses and resources that can be unlocked with simple registration process

We look forward to welcoming all sustainable energy enthusiast, public and private sector representatives, researchers, investors, academia and students to our webinar.

*Note: The webinar will be held in English &Arabic (translation is not available)