Regional Workshop “NEEAP Development in the Arab region: Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology”

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) in coordination with the Department of Energy in the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and the RCREEE organized a regional workshop on “NEEAP Development in the Arab region: Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology”. The workshop ,held in Sanaa, Yemen on December 11, 2012 discussed a number of issues related to the Energy Status in Yemen and the basics and mechanisms needed for conducting National Energy Efficiency Plans NEEAPs.
According to Mr. Fouad Hamoud El-Kawsi, Ministry of Electricity and Energy Deputy of the Technical Affairs Sector,Yemen generation capacity increased from 600 Megawatt in 1992 to 990 Megawatt in 2011. He also pointed  that the losses in the electrical system consolidated last year reached 28% of the total capacity of the actual generated power, while the demand exceeds 1350 MW.
The workshop was attended by a number of  participants including representatives of several Ministries. This shows the strong interest to find solutions for the energy supply problems by lowering the energy consumption and demand side management projects.
Documents and Presentations:
Session I: Arab EE Guideline and NEEAP Development
Session II: NEEAPs Monitoring and Evaluation
Session III: National Papers
Countries Presentations