RCREEE participates at OAPEC online seminar on “Hydrogen and its role in the energy transition”.

July 12, 2021: Through its new paper “Opportunities and Challenges of Green Hydrogen in the Arab Region: Readiness of Renewable Energy Programs", RCREEE joined OAPEC online seminar on “Hydrogen and its role in the energy transition”.

The seminar aimed at examining green hydrogen production and various usage options. Additionally, it explored how green hydrogen can contribute to the energy transition process through various technologies to ensure a sustainable energy future.

The seminar gathered a unique mix of representatives from leading Arab and international organizations, public sector, private sector, and research centers who enriched the seminar discussion under the main 3 themes of:

  • Hydrogen industry value chain (production, transportation, and storage, use), and the technical and economic challenges for each stage
  • International policies and strategies aimed at expanding the use of hydrogen
  • Main success factors needed to establish an integrated hydrogen industry in the Arab countries, and main challenges.

RCREEE’s Acting Executive Director, Dr. Maged K. Mahmoud presented an overview of green hydrogen trends in the Arab region and examples of national initiatives in a  number of countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania.

Also, Dr. Maged presented the main challenges facing the region in the production and use of green hydrogen energy from renewable sources and the most prominent opportunities for the success of Arab initiatives in the field of green hydrogen.

For more details: https://oapecorg.org/ar/Home/Publications/Reports/Symposium-on-Hydrogen-and-its-Role-in-the-Energy-Transition