RCREEE Continues Supporting the Implementation of the Arab EE Guideline

After the adoption of the Arab EE Guideline on 23 November 2010 by the Executive Bureau of the Arab Ministerial Electricity Council of the League of Arab States, LAS Energy Department and RCREEE will proceed with providing the technical assistance needed in preparing and implementing the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans-NEEAPs.
Continuation of the regional and the national workshops held to support the NEEAP concept in the Arab region, this regional workshop held in cooperation with the Sudanese Ministry of Electricity and Dams is intended for the benefit of the mandated national entities that have been named and assigned the responsibilities for the implementation of the Arab EE Guideline and the related (NEEAP) according to Article II of the Arab EE Guideline.
The objective of this regional workshop was to inform and involve participating countries through their officially mandated entity in the preparation of the NEEAP according to the requirements of the Arab EE Guideline.
Documents & Presentations:
Session 1: Arab EE Guideline and NEEAP
Session 2: Planning for implementation
Session 3: Considerations for preparing NEEAPs
Session 4: National EE Programs and the Arab EE Guideline
Session 5: General Requirements to the EE Guidelines – Enablers of Success
Session 6: Economic feasibility of the EE measures and plans