RCREEE and UNDP Support Arab Region’s Sustainable Energy and Climate Change efforts by Launching Diesel to Solar (D2S) Initiative

The Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have launched a new initiative to encourage solar PV integration into diesel-based power systems in member countries throughout the Arab region. The Diesel to Solar (D2S) Initiative is part of RCREEE’s efforts to enable private investments in sustainable energy solutions in collaboration with UNDP. This market-friendly initiative will bring the private and public sectors together to overcome barriers to the rapid deployment of solar technologies to reduce diesel consumption. 

The program starts in 2014 with rapid market assessments to identify economically feasible business models for diesel to solar retrofitting in the Arab region. RCREEE will work with its local and international partners to build awareness of this market among consumers, technology providers and investor. RCREEE will help pioneers and early adopters in the private and public sectors to partner with investors and technology providers to create a portfolio of pilot projects and demonstration cases in selected communities. International and local financial partners would facilitate access for interested parties to appropriate and affordable financial instruments including loans, guarantees and risk mitigation schemes.

The first phase of the D2S Initiative is now underway with the market assessment of diesel to solar potential in pilot countries like Djibouti, Sudan and Yemen where communities face serious lack of access to sustainable energy. A similar market assessment is also in progress in Egypt, with initial results showing a substantial potential for D2S retrofits in the tourism, agriculture, mining and industrial sectors. Additional market assessments are planned for the first half of 2015 in other Arab countries.

RCREEE invites private investors, technology providers, and other interested parties to contact us if they like to be a part of this initiative. 

For more detailed overview of the D2S Initiative and timely updates on progress of the initiative, please visit D2S webpage.

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