“Investment Enabling Environment" session: launching the first round of the High Level Policy Dialogue

With the notable increase in renewable energy and energy efficiency investment, RCREEE is honored to organize a session on investment enabling environment" at the 10th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum and Exhibition. The session will take place on October 1st, 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

Besides, RCREEE will launch the first round of the High level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) to "Promote RE & EE in the Mediterranean region”.

The HLPD is the first Sustainable Energy platform to bring together high-level representatives from international financing institutions and banks, private sector, international and regional organizations and governments.

In its first round, the dialogue will address the responsiveness of suitable energy investments to policy changes, technology development and financing mechanism.

Accordingly, the dialogue will shed the light on the need for regional cooperation in the Arab region including Southern Mediterranean countries to further facilitate sustainable investments in North Africa and the Middle East. Besides, the HLPD will discuss the investment and financial tools in the fields of RE & EE which foster climate change mitigation, including climate finance concessional funding.

Gathering a mix of diversified expertise, the dialogue aims to come up with an initial well-articulated and well-studied list of bankable and realistic projects, ideally based on countries’ National Determined Contributions. Possible financing sources will be considered too, such as the European External Investment Plan (EIP), GCF and other concessional financing initiatives for financing relevant Climate Actions.