APSEY Alumni

Sonia Al-Zoghoul

“My APSEY experience was invaluable and the exposure that I had to a professional environment on a regional level is something which simply cannot be recreated working nationally. During my internship I had the chance to work on various energy topics and building a network of energy professionals through the participation in energy conferences and forums. I also had the chance to be mentored by RCREEE’s energy experts, which helped in my career development”

Ammar Ahmed

“APSEY experience was very useful at various levels. It contributed significantly to the formation of clear visions of what I should be working on, what I have to be, and what I can provide."

Mohamed Sherwali

“APSEY experience was very helpful. It taught me many lessons that helped me shape my career in sustainable Energy field. I believe APSEY is very important program as it helps Arab youth, especially fresh graduates in related fields, to develop and refine their information and skills. It really prepares you for the promising sustainable job market in Arab countries lack youth skills.”

Karamy Saeed

“This valuable experience has equipped me with in-depth knowledge of renewable energy and energy efficiency policies, initiatives, strategies and technologies in our region"

Nadia Benalouache

“I see APSEY as useful, inspiring experience that covers many aspects including technical and interpersonal skills. Not only that but APSEY managed to gather young professionals from all the Arab region and form a mini sustainable community”

Omar Muhrat

"My journey in RCREEE was unique. I got the chance to work with a dynamic team and learnt a lot. Besides, I had earned a lot of friends from different cultures."