Pan Arab Certified Energy Management Professional Program(PA-CEMP)


The Pan Arab "Certified Energy Management Professional" Program (PA-CEMP) is a professional certification program endorsed by the Executive Bureau of the Arab Ministerial Council of Electricity in their 32th session on May 31, 2016.

RCREEE in collaboration with the Secretariat (Energy Department) of the Council of Electricity Minsters of the League of Arab States developed PA-CEMP as a standardized in-depth professional certification program for Energy Mangers tailored for the Arab region. CEMP is Pan-Arab Regional programme with central management and national delivery customized based on national context.
It aims to assist EE policy makers and program administrators in planning and implementing Energy Efficiency plans and related measures and achieve energy targets.



  • Detailed certification program covering the technical, economic and regulatory topics of effective energy management
  • First Pan-Arab Certification for energy professionals
  • A professional standard of competence recognized throughout the region
  • A regional Network of Certified Energy Management Professionals (PA-CEMPers)


  • Improve end use energy efficiency resulting in:
    •  lower increase in energy demand on the national level, thus reducing investment in expanding the supply side
    • create good local jobs

Contact Person:

Ms. Yasmeen Oraby-  PA-CEMP coordinator -( )