Our Approach

Through developing quantitative metrics and KPIs for each impact area, and keeping track of trends, we help our member states to track and manage local performance and benchmark it against other countries in the region and the world. We embrace the following five core impact areas to measure the success of all our activities with member states:

  • Facts and Figures:

We provide the most accurate and transparent renewable energy and energy efficiency information for the Arab region through consistent methodologies and strong partnerships with local governments.

  • Institutions:

We support our member states’ national institutional capacities and effectiveness through unifying and integrating technical standards and frameworks. This helps lowering implementation costs and increases economies of scale.

  • People:

We maximize people potentials to create a real impact through extensive capacity building activities that include trainings, workshops, knowledge exchange missions, and seminars.

  • Policies:

We initiate regional dialogues, share expertise and provide systematic models to establish renewable energy and energy efficiency policies and regulations.

  • Finance:

We increase the attractiveness of our member states to regional and international potential funders and donors through improving framework conditions and awareness in international communities.