National Focal Points

The national focal points assist the Secretariat with the implementation of the work plan at the national level.

National Focal Points

Morocco flag

Dr. Abdel Ali Dakkina
Directeur du Pôle de la Stratégie et du Développement
Agence Nationale ADEREE

Bahrain flag

Mr. Nasser Al-Ruwaili
Advisor to H.E the Chief Executive of Electricity & Water Authority 
Water and Electricity Authority

Tunisia flag

Mr. Abdelhamid Khalafallah
Deputy Director of Energy Efficiency
Ministry of Industry and Technology / General Energy Dirtectory

Algeria flag

Mr. Ben Zaid Fawzi
Ministry of Energy & Mines

Yemen flag

Mr. Ramy Aly Mohammed
Director Renewable Energy
Manager of Renewable Energy Department

Syria flag

Mr. Younes Ali
Deputy General Director

Lebanon flag

Mr. Ziad El-Zein
Public Relations officer
Lebanese Centre for Energy Concentration

Jordan flag

Mr. Yacoub Elias Marar
Head of Solar Energy Section
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Palestine flag

Mr. Basel Yaseen
Director Energy Environmental Impact Department
Palestinian Energy and Environmental Research Center (PEC)
Palestinian Energy Authority (PEA)

Libya flag

Mr. Mohamed -D- Sidon
Director of The chairman Office of Renewable Energy Authority of Libya
Renewable Energy Authority of Libya

Egypt flag

Mr. Ehab Ismail Amin
Director General Manager of Planning Department     
New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)

Iraq flag

Mr. Naseer Kareem Kasim
Head of Department
Renewable Energy and Environment Center

Sudan flag

Mr. Sharaf Adien Abdall Elaagib
Electricity Regulatory Authority ERA